Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ Review

How would you like your home to always be neat? This can happen if you buy a robot vacuum! Indeed, it will clean every corner of your home while you focus on other things!

In today’s life, more and more people are facing the problem of not finding enough time to clean their houses.

In other words, people are lazy and want technology to care for the housework. Luckily, new robotic vacuum cleaners are easy to use and cost less.

Robotics is becoming increasingly popular in everyday life, with robots now being used to clean our houses.

They make life easy, especially for busy people. A robot vacuum cleaner cleans your floors without any need for human help.

It uses electronic sensors and various algorithms to detect dirt and transform it into concentrated, clean spots.

The recent development of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 Plus has allowed many people to enjoy a better way of cleaning their homes without hassle.

In this article, we will look at what makes this robot so unique and why it can be the perfect choice for anyone looking for a good robotic vacuum cleaner.

What is Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+?

Xiaomi’s robot vacuum X10+ is a robotic vacuum cleaner that has been around for almost a year. As its name suggests, the device is made by Xiaomi, one of the leading manufacturers in China.

The device has several features that enable it to clean your carpets and rugs effectively.

Many people who own this robotic cleaner love it. Moreover, this device has a camera to see obstacles or drop-offs and avoid them automatically.

There are no requirements for washing pads or emptying the dustbin by hands as it gives you a fully automatic, hands-free cleaning experience.

With the help of its intelligent base station, it helps clean the floors and does even more by collecting dust and dirt in the station.

The Xiaomi robot vacuum x10+ is designed to clean your house as quickly as possible so that you can focus on other things.

Additionally, it can clean and empty its trash can. Cleaning is now completely automated, which is simple for any family.

The new Xiaomi robot vacuum X10 Plus has many more contemporary features, such as improved battery life, updated mapping technology, more efficient cleaning modes, and a slim design.

How Does Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ Work?

The vacuum has an S-Cross AITM Advanced 3D Obstacle Recognition and Avoidance System, which helps the robot avoid obstacles.

It is equipped with a dual-line laser and an RGB camera with a wide angle of vision (360 degrees), as well as a laser distance sensor capable of mapping and recognizing the environment up to a range of 3 meters.

The device works by automatically recognizing the borders of each room and then dividing them into virtual squares that the vacuum can clean one by one to ensure complete coverage.

It also features automatic charging so it can recharge itself when running low on battery power.

It can detect whether there is enough power left in the battery if there isn’t, it will return to its base station to recharge itself.

It has a powerful 4000 psi suction fan blower, which absorbs ground debris and particles in a flash, effectively cleaning your carpets, hardwood floors, and rugs.

Moreover, the Xiaomi robot vacuum X10+ helps to tackle the storage problem.

It can hold a large amount of dust since it consists of 2 separate chambers that can be removed easily for easy handling, but this is not the only advantage of owning one.

It has a large capacity dustbin with a removable filter, allowing you to see how much dust and dirt happened during its cleaning cycle.

When empty, you can quickly dispose of the trash by removing its locking mechanism and dropping it into any bin or out the window to avoid smelling unpleasant fumes indoors.

Product Specification:

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+

  • Brand – Xiaomi
  • Controller Type – Remote Control, App Control
  • Included Components Brush
  • Battery Life – 2 Hours Unstoppable
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Ion
  • Voltage – 20
  • Suction – 4000 PA
  • Item Weight – 4.7 Kilograms
  • Capacity – 0.55 Liters
  • Power Source – Battery Powered

Features of Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+

It features an intelligent navigation system that allows the vacuum to automatically find the direction of the rooms without obstacles or objects that can be in its way.

It also has a 3D mapping system that offers detailed images of each room in your house so it can recognize its boundaries.

To recognize different obstructions on the floor and in other rooms across the house, the Advanced AI camera uses an AI graphics algorithm.

It also has intelligent pad return and ultrasonic carpet recognition for mop washing.

It has automatic pad washing and auto refill, which helps all waste go into one bag to keep hands clean, and it recharges itself after cleaning.

The vacuum also has a good battery and is long-lasting, so you can use it for many years.

It has a brush that rotates 360 degrees in all directions while sucking up all the dust, ensuring the whole room is cleaned effectively and efficiently. Its pleasant design makes it look like a vacuum cleaner that you already own.

Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 Plus


  • Its ability to recognize lines draws the vacuum automatically
  • Its intelligent navigation system makes it very simple to use
  • Carpet recognition and Auto lifting
  • Laser navigation and Whole room scanning
  • Anti-fall sensor


  • It does have some noise but not so loud that it cannot be ignored.
  • Quite Expensive
  • Short Battery life

Advantages of Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+

  • The vacuum makes the whole process of cleaning much easier as it will know where to go. It will also automatically return without needing to do anything, saving you time and energy. It also cleans along edges and against walls.
  • The vacuum also has an automatic pad wash and auto refill function. This means that it will empty its trash bowl as soon as it finishes a cleaning cycle. On top of all this, the vacuum can map and clean the whole house, so you can rest assured that your entire home is being cleaned effectively.
  • It has TÜV Rheinland Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection Standard Certification, which proves it has many security features.
  • Its built-in brush system helps it clean hard surfaces effectively and picks up dirt effectively. The vacuum has a good battery life, so you can use it for a long time before you need to charge it again.
  • No dirt is left on the floor because of its rotating dual-pad pressure mopping and rich stain-removing technology. The vacuum can clean multiple rooms by dividing them into a virtual square. It can work around the corners of the house.
  • It is straightforward to use, it can move too, and you don’t need to install devices in your house or clean anything. Its ability to map and clean your whole house makes it very useful if you have more than one floor.
  • Its precise AI camera and eye-like object recognition help clean your whole house.
  • Its suction is strong enough to draw in all the dust and dirt from your home. Its vacuuming system also makes it great for cleaning carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, and all types of floors.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 Plus Review

Xiaomi robot vacuum X10+ is a great product to have. Its design is beautiful, and it is made of high-quality material.

Also, it can go inside different rooms, so you can use it in other areas of your house. You can easily set the time, and the vacuum will clean your home, making everything neat.

It is easy to use, so this is one of the advantages of this product that all customers want when buying a new vacuum. This model also uses rotating dual-pad pressure mopping and rich stain-removing technology to clean your floor without any problems.

Moreover, its technology increases its safety features and improves its performance when working with floors.

You should consider Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 Plus review while buying a vacuum cleaner for your home.

You can control it with the Xiaomi/Mi Home app, which will make your experience with this vacuum more enjoyable. You can choose what kind of floor you want to clean, and it will adjust its features accordingly.

Xiaomi robot vacuum x10+ review are positive in every sense.

This is why many people like to have a robot vacuum at home, because it does everything for you, and all you have to do is set the time, choose the room or rooms you want to clean, and that’s it!


Suppose you are in the market for a robot vacuum cleaner.

In that case, I suggest you consider the Xiaomi robot vacuum x10+ review because of its high performance, durability, and style.

It has a fantastic battery life and can clean an entire house in less than an hour. The product is well-designed, straightforward, and compatible with all surfaces.

It is recommended that you look at the Xiaomi robot vacuum X10 plus because of its remarkable features and efficiency. It has incredible cleaning capabilities and is perfect for people who value their time and energy.

The vacuum also has features like an automatic pad wash and refill function that automatically maps and cleans your whole house from the entrance to each room. The vacuum can clean both carpets and rugs effectively.

Its vacuuming system also makes it great for cleaning carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, and all types of surfaces.

Finally, its suction is strong enough to absorb all the dust and dirt from your home. It also has an anti-fall sensor, which helps prevent falls, and a good battery life so you can use it for a long time before you need to charge it again.


Does this vacuum work with a remote?

No, it does not come with a remote, but you can control it using the Mi Home app. It comes with a smartphone app that will also help you to connect your Xiaomi x10+ to an internet-based Smart Home system.

How loud is it?

This vacuum cleaner is not very noisy, but it has some noise.

What is the working time?

The working time of this robot vacuum cleaner is 1.5 hours when fully charged.

Can it work in the high or low setting?

Yes, it can work in all settings.

Why is this vacuum so expensive?

Because it is a high-end vacuum with advanced features, a powerful battery, and a long cleaning time.

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