Dyson Dc39 Multi Floor Review [Tested Review]

You might be bored of cleaning your house with a dustpan and broom or even with old-school vacuum cleaners.

A good vacuum cleaner can be an excellent investment for your health and home, especially if you have pets that shed or kids who run around a lot.

These modern day wet dry vacuum cleaners might be just right for you, with the latest technology making cleaning more accessible than ever.

Therefore, you might ask yourself, what is the best vacuum cleaner on the market? This article will give you a complete review of the Dyson DC39 vacuum cleaner.

The Dyson vacuum cleaners are one of these vacuums that not only do a good job but also clean your environment better than others by using suction to attract particles into the machine like no other. It’s time to freshen up your living space!

Dyson DC39 multi floor reviews are very positive, with 95% of reviewers giving this model an excellent rating.

This multi floor vacuum cleaner has been rated as one of the best, with excellent suction and decisive turbine action.

This article is a review of the Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner. We will discuss its features, how it compares to other vacuums, and many more other things, along with its pros and cons.

What is Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Vacuum?

Dyson DC39 Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner

The Dyson DC39 is a multi floor vacuum cleaner. It has three tools: a roller and brush roll for floors and carpets. It also has the cyclone tool for furniture. It has incredible suction.

The Dyson multi-floor canister vacuum cleaner is excellent for tile and hardwood floors.

The powerful suction and turbine blade brush roll make this machine capable of cleaning anything, including deep pile carpeting.

It has a HEPA filter for allergens and pet dander.

It has various tools to make cleaning easy, including stair and tangle-free turbine tools.

How does a Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Vacuum Work?

The Dyson DC 39 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner comes with various tools and features that make cleaning easy.

The multi floor vacuum canister has strong suction power and can clean any surface, including carpets.

This model can easily clean deep pile carpeting with its turbine blade brush roll. Various attachments come with the machine for versatility and easy cleaning.

The prominent feature of the vacuum cleaner is its suction power for picking up dirt, pet hair, crumbs, etc. It can be used by anyone, even those with pet allergies and pet dander.

With its HEPA and washable filters, this machine can be used on various surfaces, including hardwood and tile floors. It also has a tangle-free turbine tool for easy maneuverability.

The central ball joint allows the user to steer the machine in any direction, with the ball locking into place for full access anywhere around the house. The ball can be locked to allow full access anywhere around the house.

How does the big ball in the Dyson canister work?

The big ball of the vacuum is a fantastic technology that makes this machine powerful. It works by creating a cyclonic action inside the machine.

This makes the suction power remarkably good. The technology is called radial root cyclone technology, which has also helped win many awards for Dyson.

Dyson DC39 Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner

Dyson DC39 Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner
  • Brand: Dyson
  • Unique Feature: Radial Root Cyclone technology
  • Form Factor: Cannister
  • Color: Iron/Yellow
  • Filter Type: Cartridge
  • Model Name: DC39 MULTI FLOOR
  • Surface Recommendation: Hard Floor, Carpet
  • Included Components: Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2
  • Is Cordless?: No

Features of Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Vacuum

This machine has many features that make cleaning more accessible and convenient.

The multi-floor vacuum machine can be used on carpet, tile, hardwood, linoleum, and vinyl flooring. The suction power is phenomenal for all these surfaces and carpets.

The suction is strong enough to pick up anything you want it to pick up. It is also great for picking up pet hair.

The machine can be used on furniture, stairs, etc., with its tangle-free turbine tool. The large ball makes the machine steerable anywhere around the house.

It has Radial Root Cyclone technology, responsible for this machine’s powerful suction.

This technology keeps the path clear so that the dirt, dust, and other particles are not stuck to the walls of any passage or tube while the machine is in use.

Accessories you get:

  • Dusting brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Tangle-free turbine tool
  • Wand Rotator Tool

How Powerful is Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Vacuum?

The Dyson Multi Floor vacuum cleaner has excellent suction power, which attracts you first when buying this machine. With its powerful vacuuming ability and many more fantastic features, it is considered one of the best in today’s market.

The design of DC39 Multi Floor Vacuum is ergonomic and easy to handle.

The machine is made with a motorized brush bar that drives the cyclonic cleaning system.


  • The suction power is great.
  • The warranty period is an excellent feature
  • The tools are super cool
  • This vacuum works equally well on carpet and hard floors Cons
  • Long 5-year warranty


  • The machine is a bit heavy
  • Some people find the front handle too uncomfortable
  • Its cord length could have been better
  • It is very Noisy
  • Has no carpet height adjustment

Advantages of Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Vacuum

  • This canister vacuum cleaner has been rated as one of the best vacuums on the market. The ratings are based on performance, suction power, quality, etc. People like this machine because of its powerful suction and other special features.
  • It also comes with various accessories, making it great for cleaning any place you want.
  • The bagless machine is suitable for avoiding spending extra money on bags. The engine uses cyclone technology, which makes it easy to empty the canister of dirt and any other debris that is picked up by this machine.
  • The vacuum cleaner has a direct drive transmission, which is robust and reliable. In addition, it has a ball joint, which allows the user to steer it in any direction with ease. This makes cleaning easy and quick.
  • It also has a tangle-free turbine tool for easy maneuverability when needed.
  • The Dyson DC39 vacuum is a lightweight machine that easily fits into a small storage area. Its incredible suction power makes it the best choice for cleaning carpets, tile, and hardwood floors. This vacuum is also great for cleaning stairs, furniture, and other places in your home.
  • It has a trigger head tool designed to help reach hard-to-get places. It also has an upholstery and combination tool that comes in handy when cleaning stairs and furniture.
  • It has SmartSense technology, which detects the thickness of the carpet surface and adjusts the power accordingly. This helps keep the carpet looking its best for extended periods and saves energy by reducing noise levels.
  • The vacuum is great for picking up pet hair, crumbs, dirt, dust, and many other things. This makes it suitable for even those who have allergies or pet dander.
  • The Handle Positioning System helps maintain the balance of the machine while it is being used. It also comes with a ball lock mechanism, which allows a single user to clean just about anywhere in their home.
  • The vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA filter and a washable filter, which makes it easy to use this machine on different surfaces, including carpets and flooring.

Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Reviews

In the Dyson DC 39 Vacuum Reviews, it has excellent suction power and is great for hardwood, tile, carpet, and many other surfaces. The suction power is monstrous and will make you want to use this machine on the most demanding floors.

This vacuum has many other advantages, like perfect performance, powerful suction, and fewer clogs.

It will help clean up both dirt and pet hair. It also picks up the tiniest particles, increasing its value for picking up those with allergies.

The price of this machine can be considered cheap considering all its features.

In addition, it comes with a great capacity, which makes it more convenient to clean any place you want in a short time. Customers are pleased with the performance of this vacuum machine and recommend it to others.


The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Vacuum Review shows that this machine has excellent suction power and many other features that make it easy to use in almost every home.

It is a top model, perfect for cleaning any place you want. The machine has low maintenance and is suitable for all surfaces, making it affordable and practical.

This vacuum cleaner is the best choice for all your needs as it cleans the most complex surfaces without any issues. The suction power of this machine is fantastic, making it great even on carpets and hardwood floors without any problems whatsoever.

It also comes with unique accessories that make cleaning almost anything you want more accessible, including stairs and furniture.

This machine is excellent for people with pets and allergies because of its ability to pick up pet hair or any other fine surface dirt without clogging the hose or filters.

Finally, the machine is considered easy to use, robust and reliable. You will be satisfied with this machine with these reviews and many more.


What is the warranty for this vacuum cleaner?

The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor vacuum has a 5-year limited warranty for parts and labor.

Who needs a floor nozzle for this machine?

This vacuum can be used on carpet, hardwood, tile, or almost any other hard surface. The floor nozzle is ideal for cleaning stairs and furniture.

What kind of technology does it use?

The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor vacuum uses powerful cyclone technology that helps in sucking up dirt and debris. It has bags, but they are not necessary for usage.

How good is this model on carpets and hard floors?

This model is suitable for cleaning carpets, tile flooring, hardwood floors, and many other surfaces. Its design makes it great for all surfaces when used correctly. It also has a floor nozzle for cleaning your stairs.

Is the machine durable?

This vacuum cleaner is considered durable as it is engineered with many features that make it more durable than other vacuum cleaners.

The suction power is excellent and will allow you to use this vacuum on almost any surface. It is designed to work with all different surfaces, which makes it great for any home.

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